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Key performance indicators


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Chief Executive Officer presents Sustainability Report of Hera Group

"Our sustainability reporting contains an important innovation: the first section of the document is dedicated to the main sustainability results obtained by Hera during its first ten years of activity."

Maurizio Chiarini

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Investments (millions of Euro)
(millions of Euro)

Capital expenditures in the territory continue to be high, 63% greater compared to 2002

Separate waste collection

Increased growth compared to 2002, which has doubled since 2002

Direct and indirect employment

The Group has 6,629 direct and indirect employees, in addition to a work force estimated at 4,233 units in 2012 generated by supply orders


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2002-2012: The main initiatives for workers, customers, suppliers, local community, environment and future generations and the major awards obtained.


2002-2012: Key performance data about economic responsibility, workers, customers, suppliers, local community, environment and future generations.


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First event
21 May 2013 - Bologna

Questions about sustainability?
Questions about sustainability?

13 May 2013, 16.30-19.00 p.m.



Hera publishes VedoHera, the Group's quarterly online newsletter which focuses on sustainability and issues of quality, safety and the environment.

The project falls within a three-year experimental program of certification and traceability of materials recovery downstream of waste collection.

The daily emissions from Hera's waste-to-energy plants can be viewed on the Group' s website, where they are updated every 30 minutes.

In good water is the report on drinking water quality. The report aims to communicate the quality of Hera's drinking water in order to consolidate the trust of the public.